Point of Care

Deliver better, safer Patient Care with clinically-integrated, real-time tracking of medical supplies.

Value-Based Care

Genesis tracks medical devices and consignment inventory from purchase to point-of-care. By connecting supply use to the patient and clinician, we improve patient safety through elimination of never events (e.g. wrong implant for procedure) and notifications of expired and recalled medical devices.

We also capture total costs of every procedure, including the costs of discarded, dropped or unused items, consignment inventory, equipment use and staff utilization.


Doctor with patient at the bedside

Improve Patient Safety and Compliance

Positive Patient ID Check

Quick Scan and Check - validating that the Patient are who they say they are.

Prevent Expired, Recalled Usage

Prevent the use of expired and recalled products from being used on the Patient with immediate alerts on scan.

Completely Traceability

Trace all types of Products to Patient with real-time safety alerts and EHR Integration.

Genesis Automation saved Doncaster and Bassetlaw $925,000 on Loan Kits alone in Year 1

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Tissue Tracking

Track and manage live tissue from order to audit, with a complete, real-time chain-of-custody.

Inventory Management

Gain visibility to materials: path, recall, expiry and wastage from purchase through point of use.

Asset Management

Achieve real-time visibility and gain control of care-critical equipment.

Business Analytics

Master your business operations with real-time, drill-down cost analyses and easy data sharing.

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