Patient care is most effective when clinicians can focus on what they do best.
Free up valuable patient care time by making the supplies they need readily accessible and easy to manage.

Right Product, Right Place, Right Patient
Real-time Alerts
Prevent Costly OR Delays
Eliminate Duplicate Work


Right Product, Right Place, Right Patient

Genesis reduces time spent re-ordering, searching for and placing stock, and makes it easy to account for inventory and equipment used at the point of care. This data is tied to the EHR patient record and ERP systems for on-going patient safety, accurate billing and detailed case costing.


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Real Time Alerts

Genesis provides real-time product recall and expiry alerts at the point of care. The application can either prevent the clinician from taking further action or invite the user to take notes and proceed. Future recalls can be automatically traced to the impacted patient.


Image of a clinical team on a device prepping for a surgery at a patients bedside


Prevent Dangerous & Costly OR Delays

Stock-outs and the lack of accurate real-time data can cause delays in the OR, impacting patient care and safety. Genesis’ inventory control enables complete visibility so that needed products are always available and only the right products enter the OR. This decreases delays, patient risk and hospital liability.


Close up of clinician in a OR on Genesis Automation


Eliminate Duplicate Work

Genesis eliminates error-prone and time intensive tasks related to documenting use, searching for and reconciling missing/expired/recalled inventory, re-ordering and the significant effort required to identify which products were used for which patients in the event of a recall.


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