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Supply Chain is not just a department, it is a Strategy.
Gain Enterprise Level Performance and Visibility over all of your Inventory.
Complement your ERP and EHR, share data, and provide actionable insight to drive cost savings.




The Genesis system gives you accurate information on stock quantities at a department or unit level while giving you the power to know exactly how much inventory is in a shelf or draw at those department/wards.


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The Inventory management module allows you to set minimum and maximum order quantities therefore automating ordering processes giving back valuable staff time to help better manage the supply chain.


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Inventory expiration represents a significant cost to any healthcare facility. Genesis can tell you the located of any item due to expire and move it to a location where usage is higher or help you quickly remove these potentially harmful products from your supply chain.


Clinician receiving a hospital delivery



Locating and removing recalled products from your supply chain can take up a significant amount of time locating affected product. Genesis can give you instant item location making this process.


Close up of a clinician in the hospital ward using Genesis to check stock

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Savings on Expiry and Discarded Items

90 k

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