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Jan 31st | 10.30am EST

Genesis Makes it Easy to Manage Your Hospital's Biologics

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Ryan Coleman, our Clinical Solutions Consultant, with experience as an OR nurse will walk you through the Genesis Tissue Tracking application.

About Our Presenter

Ryan Coleman, MSHS, MS, BSN, RN

Ryan Coleman, MSHS, MS, BSN, RN

Clinical Solutions Consultant

Ryan Coleman, MSHS, MS, BSN, RN, holds a Masters of Science in Nursing and a Masters of Science in Healthcare Administration. He’s practiced as a nurse in the operating room (OR) and emergency department (ED), conducted clinical research and has delivered training and education to clinical staff. As a Clinical Solutions consultant, he shares his expertise in OR management and clinical process improvement. Ryan brings extensive  knowledge and a passion for patient safety and process improvement to the Genesis team.

Genesis provides GS1-certified UDI management of
Live Tissue, Bone and other Biologic Implants

Genesis provides complete traceability of live tissue, both upstream and downstream. From donor source Lot/Batch, to delivery / receipt / transfers, to use on patient (or waste). We record which staff were involved (including their reasonings, e.g. damaged packages, contamination, temperature concerns or patient implant site not receptive), and  exactly which patient received which item (with when & where). Beyond implant procedures, Genesis supports regulatory reporting requirements, including to national registries to track success , patient outcomes and adverse events.

  • Tissue Source
  • Lot, Serial & Item number
  • Package Integrity
  • Location
  • Availability
  • Expiration Date
  • Temperature Verification
  • Complete Chain-of-Custody


Learn how Genesis Automation can help prevent loss and improve patient safety.

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