Improve Patient Safety.
Increase Your Bottom Line.

Genesis Automation is a modular-based software traceability and analytics platform that empowers hospitals and suppliers to improve patient safety, optimize their inventory management, and increase their savings.

Enhance Patient Safety While Reducing
Costs and Eliminating Waste

Improve Patient Safety

Prevent the use of recalled and expired products in the O.R.

Reduce Costs & Eliminate Waste

Streamline your inventory processes to increase operational efficiency and lower costs

Advanced Analytics

Discover deeper insights of your data to help drive better descision making across your orgainsation

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How Much You Could Benefit

Control the Entire Hospital From Anywhere
With Our Handheld Device

Operating Room

Deliver better patient care with clinically integrated and real-time tracking of medical supplies to the patient


Streamline your warehouse processes with our highly scalable and adaptable solution, and gain greater visibility and control of your daily operations.

Stock Room

Manage and control your inventory throughout your supply chain, tracking all medical supplies from every point-of-arrival to point-of-use

Ward Area

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Use Genesis to seamlessly and easily integrate with your software systems

The First End-to-End Solution for Suppliers and Hospitals
That Manages Your Entire Supply Chain

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