Grow margin and improve care with complete clinical traceability.

Genesis is on a mission to deliver significant financial, operational, and clinical benefits to providers through its dynamic software platform for complete clinical traceability.

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Complete Clinical Traceability
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Driving Value for Every Stakeholder.

Genesis provides a direct path to value by making a measurable impact on virtually all of the hospital system’s most critical value drivers.


Optimize your margin maker or breaker.

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Align your supply chain with clinical realities.

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Support governance and save clinical time.

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By capturing every charge, measuring utilization, predicting demand, and surfacing decision-ready insights, Genesis empowers the hospital system to:

  • Realize all of its reimbursable revenue with no exceptions. 

  • Quantify system-wide waste and dramatically reduce supply-related costs. 

  • Make data-driven decisions about standards, contracts, and pricing.

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By automating manual processes, eliminating data silos, and aligning the supply chain with utilization across sites and service lines, Genesis empowers the hospital system to: 

  • Understand utilization patterns and accurately predict demand.

  • Dynamically manage expiries and recalls to reduce system risk.

  •  Make the best possible use of every supply and asset.

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By automating charge capture, serving up data at the point of care, and preventing never events, Genesis enables the hospital system to: 

  • Reduce clinical burden, providing clinicians the time to care.

  • Protect patients by preventing never events from happening.

  • Support data-driven clinical governance strategies.

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Genesis Clinical Traceability.

Genesis provides the total clinical traceability required to elevate the standard of care to new heights while simultaneously improving clinician quality of life.

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Empower caregivers and integrate the supply chain with clinical realities.

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Transform inventory management into a pillar of value realization.

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Achieve real-time visibility and gain control over care-critical equipment.

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Understand and optimize the relationship between supplies and performance.

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Manage the movement of living supplies throughout the entire chain of custody.

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Protect your valued clinical staff with real-time PPE monitoring.

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Partnering to transform the supply chain through complete clinical traceability.

Learn how Genesis worked closely with the Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust to transform the health of its clinical supply chain while empowering clinicians and protecting patients.

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Insights on Clinical Traceability.


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