Comprehensive clinical traceability. Data-driven control.

The clinical supply chain stands to benefit from the data-driven approaches that have transformed supply chain management in other sectors. At the same time, the clinical environment requires a technology that is not only intuitive, but also capable of making the lives of clinical users easier. Unfortunately, with no tool for data capture at the point of care, most hospital systems remain unable to quantify utilization and engage in predictive demand planning.

As a complete clinical traceability solution, Genesis systematically measures utilization and sheds light on the relationship between care-critical supplies and hospital system performance. By eliminating data silos, delivering contextualized data, and automating workflows, Genesis transforms the supply chain function into a powerful enabler of outstanding clinical care and financial performance.

Did you know?

Some physicians and nurses spend up to​ 20% of their time on supply chain tasks.1

The operational benefits Genesis provides.

Accurately predict demand.

Do you know what, when, and where supplies will be needed?

The ability to predict demand requires a data-driven understanding of utilization. By providing a clear picture of utilization across supplies, sites, and service lines, Genesis makes it possible to understand demand patterns and engage in predictive demand planning to eliminate costly waste and shortage.

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Reduce and mitigate risk.

How many expired or recalled products do you have on hand?

Recalls and expiries represent a significant source of risk for hospital systems. Through complete clinical traceability, Genesis provides full visibility into supplies approaching expiration so that hospital systems can route them to where they are most likely to be used. In the event of a recall, Genesis makes it possible to identify affected patients and SKUs in an instant.

Extend visibility to the supplier.

Can you assess availability all the way to the supplier?

Recent months have taught hospital decision makers the importance of proper planning when it comes to care-critical supplies and equipment, particularly in times of outsized demand. By providing full visibility into lead time all the way to the supplier, Genesis empowers hospital systems to plan proactively and secure the supplies they need, where and when they are needed.

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Automate workflows and reduce user burden.

Do supply chain processes consume a significant portion of clinical and non-clinical user time?

As an enablement function, the clinical supply chain should reduce, rather than contribute to, user burden. With an instinctive user interface and automated scanning workflows, Genesis radically reduces the time it takes for clinical and non-clinical users to complete supply chain related tasks.

Here’s what our COO has to say.

The transformation of the clinical supply chain is built upon a foundation of utilization data, which makes it possible to quantify waste, predict demand, inform standards, and streamline workflows at the very same time. Utilization data is something we have seen transform other sectors for years. It is finally the clinical supply chain’s turn.

– Mark Hendricks | Chief Operating Officer, Genesis Automation

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