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Transform inventory management into a pillar of value realization.

The average hospital wastes millions of dollars in inventory each year. Equally costly is shortage, which can delay procedures and turn patients away. The problems of waste and shortage both stem from a pervasive lack of data, visibility, and control over care-critical supplies as they move through The Clinical Supply Lifecycle™. Overcoming these challenges and unlocking the value trapped in the clinical supply chain requires a dynamic, data-driven solution.

Genesis Inventory provides complete visibility and control over care-critical supplies from the supplier to the patient bedside. Capable of managing the full diversity of clinical inventory, from the lowest cost consumable to the highest cost implant, Genesis Inventory represents a paradigm shift in supply chain management within the hospital. By measuring utilization and consumption across sites and service lines, the solution empowers hospitals to quantify waste and shortage and predict demand for the very first time.

Genesis Inventory Value

The Value
of Genesis Inventory.

  • Achieve unlimited visibility across departments and hospitals
    to improve the management of care-critical supplies.
  • Read unique device identifiers and barcodes with a single scan
    to streamline workflows and eliminate blind spots.
  • Gain insight into expiries and recalls
    to improve patient safety and effectively cycle stock.
  • Integrate with existing EHR, ERP, catalog, and finance systems
    to enable informed, system-wide decisions.
  • Systematically measure utilization, consumption, and waste
    to cut costs and improve liquidity.
  • Keep patients healthy and safe
    with product expiry and recall alerts to quickly identify and remove expired stock.

Here’s How it Works

Many care-critical supplies, one value-driven solution.

Icon Recognize Demand Patterns

Recognize Demand Patterns

With robust utilization data spanning sites and service lines, clinical and supply chain leadership can finally quantify waste and shortage, and accurately predict future demand.

Icon Automate Processes

Automate Processes

Supply chain leaders can clearly define maximum and minimum stock thresholds by item, spot spiking orders, and automate requisition while accounting for supplier turnaround times.

Icon Manage Recalls Expires

Manage Recalls & Expiries

Equipped with clinical traceability on supply location and utilization, supply chain leaders can automate recall and expiry management to enhance patient safety.

Here’s what our clients have to say.

The first thing we wanted to achieve through Genesis was to address the visibility of our stock in [operating rooms] and on the wards. Inaccurate understanding of our stock was hindering our purchasing decisions, overloading our limited space, and taking up clinicians’ time. It could affect patient safety, because stock unavailability can lead to delayed or cancelled operations.

– Pete Sewell | Head of Supply Chain, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

Insights on Clinical Traceability.


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