Protect patients and ensure regulatory compliance.

Compliance with applicable healthcare standards is paramount to protecting patients and delivering high quality care. With international presence and a strong track record serving UK and US care providers, Genesis is fully committed to the principles of data privacy, standardization, and patient safety. 

A Solution that Upholds Best Practices.

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Protect the privacy of your patients.

HIPAA is a US-based policy that protects the privacy and security of health information. Its Privacy Rule establishes national standards for protecting certain health information and its Security Rule operationalizes the protections contained in the privacy rule by addressing the technical and non-technical safeguards that organizations must put in place to secure individuals’ electronic protected health information.

At Genesis, our commitment to patient safety extends beyond the patient bedside and includes each patient’s digital identity. As a HIPAA compliant solution, we are committed to upholding best practices for the protection of sensitive patient data.

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Establish a common language for clearer information.

GS1 is an international barcoding standard that creates a common language to identify, capture, and share supply chain data. This prevents information from being lost in translation between warehouses and the clinical environment. The introduction of GS1 standards has enabled every NHS hospital in England to save on average up to £3 million each year while providing better patient care and improving internal communications.

Genesis is a certified GS1 and barcode accredited solution. Adhering to GS1 standards ensures that Genesis can fully track and trace all products throughout the hospital, from the point of delivery to the point of care.

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Ensure the right patient receives the right product.

Scan4Safety is a pioneering initiative led by England’s Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) that enables the delivery of better patient care, improved clinical productivity, and supply chain efficiency in the NHS. Scan4Safety takes learnings from other sectors to improve efficiency in the NHS through the use of international barcoding standards (GS1 standards) and common networks (PEPPOL).

Genesis was selected to help three of the six demonstrator sites for Scan4Safety chosen by the Department of Health in 2016. Our market-leading solutions help to drive a fundamental change in how NHS Trusts take control of the supply chain in order to improve safety, compliance, cost audits, and traceability. Genesis works with more than 25 NHS sites, which are now seeing real and measurable benefits.

Our commitment to compliance.

At Genesis we are enabling best-in-class practices for our clients by being a truly best-in-class solution. That means protecting patient data as detailed in HIPAA, standardizing data as defined by GS1, and safeguarding care quality and safety as enabled by Scan4Safety.

– Noel O’Hanlon | Chief Executive Officer, Genesis Automation

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