When everything works together, great things happen.

Unfortunately, many hospitals and IDNs are filled with volumes of siloed data that never make it to the top floor, where they can make meaningful improvements to financial and clinical outcomes. The reason for this is persistent gaps between the hospital’s largest and most pervasive systems. The key to unleashing the value that is trapped in these systems is true, system-wide interoperability.

At Genesis, our commitment to interoperability runs deep. In fact, integration isn’t just something we do as part of the implementation process, it’s part of who we are and how we view the world. With a robust API library and agile integration approach, we enable hospitals to rapidly and painlessly bridge the gap and unlock measurable value. We combine our clinical traceability insights with critical data from the catalog, EHR, and ERP to shed new light on clinical utilization, costs, revenue, and performance.

The Systems We Integrate With.

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The hospital catalog serves as a single source of truth for item related information, enabling the critical standardization needed to enact data-driven strategies. Genesis upholds the standards set by the item catalog to ensure continuity across the entire clinical supply chain.

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The electronic health record serves as the central repository for all patient data, providing a comprehensive source that can be referenced across sites and service lines to inform care. Genesis integrates bi-directionally with the EHR to unlock contextual, value-driving insights.

ERP & Finance

The ERP is responsible for running the business of the hospital system, including financials, procurement, human resources and more. By combining key insights from the ERP with clinical traceability data and delivering accurate information on utilization, charge capture, and demand, Genesis enables the entire hospital system to achieve new levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

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Ordering & Receipting

The ordering and receipting system is responsible for managing orders and costs associated with a broad range of clinical supplies. The comprehensive utilization and costing data captured by Genesis can powerfully optimize the ordering process and ensure costs are properly allocated.

Here’s How it Works

Complete interoperability for more dynamic workflows.

Assess Current State Icon

Assess Current State

Our skilled team will gain a full understanding of your current state, including co-dependencies between systems. 

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Eliminate Duplication

Working with your cross-functional team, we’ll define an ideal future state, focusing on eliminating duplicate data and tasks between systems.

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Maximize Value

By establishing complete interoperability between systems, we’ll empower you to improve the efficiency of your workflows and rapidly achieve a tangible ROI.

Our commitment to interoperability.

At Genesis, interoperability is about more than flowing our data into another system. It is about enabling each system to do what it does best, eliminating duplication and data gaps, making users’ lives easier, and establishing the continuity needed to make data-driven decisions.

– Mike O’Flynn | Chief Technology Officer, Genesis Automation

Insights on Clinical Traceability.


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