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Align your supply chain with clinical realities.

The last mile of the clinical supply chain, from the warehouse to the point of care, is integral to understanding utilization, capturing charges, empowering clinicians, and protecting patients. Technology at the point of care must be incredibly dynamic yet capable of fitting in seamlessly with existing workflows.

Genesis Point of Care is a breakthrough in clinical supply chain management. By capturing data and surfacing relevant insights where care is delivered—whether that’s in the cath lab, the operating room, or at the patient bedside—Genesis Point of Care empowers hospital systems and IDNs to to establish a clinically-integrated, data-driven supply chain.

Genesis Point Of Care Value

The Value
of Genesis Point of Care.

  • Measure and map utilization
    to the patient, procedure, and clinician to assess performance, uphold accountability, and enable predictive demand planning.
  • Capture every charge with no exceptions
    to eliminate manual data entry, ensure you are reimbursed for the care you deliver, and measurably grow hospital revenue.
  • Provide clinical staff real-time notifications
    for supply expiries, recalls, and proximity warnings to prevent never events and improve the safety of every procedure and patient.
  • Accurately measure procedure costs and waste
    to optimize service pricing, inform supplier negotiations, and develop corporate standards that maximize value.
  • Account for clinician preferences and procedural standards
    at the point of care to ensure the right supply is used by the right clinician, for the right patient, at the right time.
  • Integrate point of care insights
    with every other aspect of your clinical supply chain to extend complete visibility and control from supplier to the patient bedside.

Here’s How it Works

One scan, a world of insight.

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Capture Utilization Data

In a single scan, clinical staff can capture and transmit critical utilization data, including the supply, time of use, procedure, clinician, and patient.

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Inform Caregivers

Upon scanning, caregivers can instantly load preference cards and view critical information like expiration date, applicable recalls, and proximity warnings.

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Make Data-Driven Decisions

Equipped with real time and historical insight, decision makers can make informed decisions about supplier relationships and corporate standards.

Here’s what our clients have to say.

Before the new system was introduced we had no way of knowing exactly which patient had received which product. This meant if we’d had a product recall we wouldn’t be able to pinpoint which patients we need to contact. Understanding variations in costs will help us to standardise the way we work in theatre and become more efficient.

– Sonia Simpson | E-Procurement Manager, Doncaster & Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Insights on Clinical Traceability.


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