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Protect your valued clinical staff with data-driven PPE management.

The COVID-19 pandemic spotlighted personal protective equipment (PPE) as an essential clinical supply category that urgently needs a more intentional and proactive solution. In many hospital systems, the pandemic brought a critical shortage in PPE, new PPE SKUs to manage, and widespread concerns over availability, quality, and turnaround time. While the COVID-19 pandemic will dissipate, its legacy will include a commitment to manage critical PPE in a data-driven way moving forward.

Genesis Protect is a purpose-built solution that brings complete clinical traceability to the management of PPE. From measuring utilization across sites and service lines, to estimating availability and turnaround time at the supplier level, and routing internal PPE to the areas in which it is most needed, Genesis Protect delivers all of the capabilities providers need to protect their valued staff from the dangers posed by infectious and highly contagious conditions.

Genesis Protect Value

The Value
of Genesis Protect.

  • Protect valued clinical staff
    by ensuring PPE is available where and when it is needed.
  • Accurately measure utilization and project demand,
    particularly in times of outsized need.
  • Extend visibility to the supplier,
    accounting for estimated turnaround time on critical PPE SKUs.
  • Optimize the allocation of PPE internally,
    re-routing supplies to the areas of greatest need.
  • Instantly manage PPE recalls or subpar quality
    to ensure your valued clinical staff is not compromised.
  • Benchmark your PPE expenses
    against providers of a comparable size.

Here’s How it Works

Protect every staff member with complete control over PPE.

Icon Measure Understand

Measure & Understand Demand

By providing insight into PPE usage and consumption across various sites and service lines, hospital decision makers can more effectively understand and project demand.

Icon Find Ppe Your System

Find PPE Within Your System

Track and locate PPE, even in the most remote areas of your hospital system, enabling materials managers to route supplies to the areas that need them most.

Genesis Web Icons Automate Recall Management

Automate Recall Management

In the event of quality or safety issues with PPE, team members can instantly isolate and eliminate compromised items within the affected SKU.

Here’s what our clients have to say.

With the help of Genesis, we were able to enact some key strategies to support our clinical supply chain. We were able to track spiking or high-volume orders for items in demand [and] we were able to conduct health checks to ensure PPE supplies were available, where and when we needed them.

– Pete Sewell | Head of Supply Chain, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

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