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Track living tissue and implants through the entire chain of custody.

Few clinical inventory types are as sensitive and regulated as living tissue and implants. With limited shelf-life, sensitive storage conditions, and stringent compliance requirements, living supplies demand careful tracking to protect product quality, patient safety, and procedure outcomes. Traceability must extend through the entire chain of custody, as each point of transfer presents a new opportunity for the product to be compromised.

Genesis Tissue automates the historically manual process of documenting and managing living tissue and implants as they move from the supplier to the point of consumption. In addition to saving valuable time through automation, Genesis Tissue empowers clinicians to affirm the safety of the living supplies they use on patients, dynamically eliminate or adjust expiration dates for products that have been subject to subpar storage conditions, and generate meticulous compliance records on-demand.

Genesis Tissue Value

The Value
of Genesis Tissue.

  • Dynamically measure and monitor storage conditions throughout the chain of custody
    to uphold accountability and ensure patient safety.
  • Proactively manage expiries
    to eliminate costly waste and prevent never events.
  • Automate replenishment to ensure ready access
    to care-critical tissue and bone implants.
  • Document integrity at every point of transfer
    to streamline regulatory compliance reporting.
  • Prioritize safety and quality
    by automating manual processes and ensuring compliance with Joint Commission, Scan4Safety, and UDI standards.
  • Optimize live tissue inventory
    to balance anticipated use against expiry concerns.

Here’s How it Works

One dynamic solution for your sensitive living inventory.

Icon Track Tissue Throughout Chain Custody

Manage the Entire Chain of Custody

Superior clinical traceability simplifies tissue tracking by recording the location, custodian, and conditions of living supplies from supplier to point of use.

Icon Spot Sub Optimal Conditions

Identify Sub-Optimal Conditions

Clinical and supply chain staff can spot suboptimal conditions proactively, taking the appropriate actions to eliminate compromised goods or adjust expiration dates.

Icon Affirm Compliance Protect Patients

Affirm Compliance & Protect Patients

Stakeholders can immediately prove compliance with meticulous records for each and every item, spanning every point of transfer.

Here’s what our clients have to say.

The first really noticeable benefit is the robustness of the reordering process… when an implant is scanned, then that is ordered and going through to be re-upped again for the next case.

– Mark Brindsen | Trauma and Orthopaedic Consultant, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

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