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Manage the movement of care-critical equipment with complete visibility and control.

Hospitals today use a wide range of shared equipment to diagnose and treat patients. This equipment, which typically has a high cost per item, has a tendency to get misplaced after a specific use, precluding caregivers from utilizing it when they need it most. As an extension of the clinical supply chain, it is essential that this equipment is also managed in a data-driven way.

Genesis Asset empowers clinical staff to track the location and utilization of shared equipment as it moves through the hospital. This intuitive solution extends the same data-driven clinical traceability utilized for all of the hospital’s clinical supplies to its high-cost, care-critical assets. In addition to improving the availability of care-critical assets, the data produced by Genesis Asset makes it possible to form a holistic picture of asset utilization.

Genesis Asset Value

The Value
of Genesis Asset.

  • Track assets throughout the hospital
    to expedite access to mission critical equipment and eliminate delays in care.
  • Automatically produce asset scheduled maintenance requisitions
    to ensure the right equipment is available in the right place, at the right time.
  • Dynamically generate replacement schedules by date and location
    to inform planning and reduce costs.
  • Produce location and utilization reports
    to optimize resources across departments and hospitals.
  • Serve up insightful reports via any device
    to provide clinical users anywhere, everywhere access.
  • Maintain patient safety and satisfaction
    with asset management that ensures equipment is delivered to where it’s needed.

Here’s How it Works

Complete visibility over all assets, anywhere they are.

Icon Know Where Asserts Are Located

Know Where Assets are Located

As assets move throughout the hospital, clinical staff can track where they are at all times, ensuring that none go missing or get misplaced.

Icon Route Assets Where Needed

Route Assets to Where They’re Needed

Knowing where the assets are located allows hospital staff to ensure they are in the right location at the right time, and reroute them to where they’re needed quickly.

Icon Optimize Asset Allocation

Optimize Asset Allocation

With reports on asset utilization, decision makers are able to optimize the allocation of shared assets across sites and service lines, and repair or acquire new assets when needed.

Here’s what our clients have to say.

Knowledge is power. Not only does this provide us with a level of data and insight that could be used to better challenge clinical practice and variation, helping us to reduce inefficiencies and improve patient experience and outcomes, but it ultimately helps to safeguard our patients from avoidable harm. In the event of a product recall, we can now easily and quickly track an affected product to the right patient.

– Tim Wells | Consultant Cardiologist, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

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