The Genesis Solution

Data-driven visibility and control, from supplier to patient bedside.

By enabling complete traceability throughout the entire Clinical Supply Lifecycle™, Genesis is the first solution to bring data-driven supply chain management to life in the clinical environment.

What sets Genesis apart?

Icon Solution Developed

Co-developed by leading providers and suppliers.

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Created specifically for the clinical environment.

Icon Diverse Capabilities

Diverse capabilities for the full range of clinical inventory.

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Instinctive interface that clinical and operational users love.

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Fully interoperable with the hospital’s EHR and ERP systems.

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Integrated recall and expiry management to enhance patient safety.

Your clinical supply chain, transformed.

  • Supplier


    Genesis begins at the supplier, where the solution provides full transparency into the availability, lead time, location, and cost of care-critical supplies from different manufacturers. Providers can use this visibility to optimize reorders and prevent stock-outs.

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  • Warehouse


    With access to comprehensive utilization and supply data, Genesis ensures that warehouse activities are fully aligned with clinical realities. With a full understanding of demand patterns and stock levels, warehouse workers can optimally allocate supplies across various sites and service lines.

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  • Store Room

    Store Room

    Genesis transforms the store room from a black box, reliant on manual counts, into a dynamic hub of data-driven visibility and control. With Genesis, providers know how many supplies are on-hand at all times, which are approaching expiration, and where they are most likely to be used.

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  • Point of Care

    Point of Care

    Whether the cath lab, the OR, or the bedside, Genesis captures utilization data at the point of care that enables complete charge capture and predictive demand planning. In addition, the solution informs clinical users of relevant expiries, recalls, proximity warnings, and preference cards.

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  • Patient Journey

    Patient Journey

    Equipped with comprehensive knowledge of which supplies were used by which clinicians, for which procedures, and on which patients, Genesis extends clinical traceability beyond the point of care and into the patient journey to correlate usage with performance and proactively manage recalls.

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  • Cross-System Integration

    Cross-System Integration

    Genesis combines its complete clinical traceability data with information from the EHR and ERP to surface KPIs like procedure duration, procedure cost, wastage, shortage, performance, and more. These insights can be used to shape corporate standards and enhance supplier negotiations.

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This is Genesis

Genesis delivers a family of connected modules that work together to infuse the clinical supply chain with new automation, accountability, and insight.

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Simple, dynamic, and automated, Genesis Point of Care ensures the supply chain is fully aligned with clinical realities while enabling you to dramatically reduce burdens on your busy clinical staff.

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Solution Point Of Care
Solution Inventory
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More than a tool for procurement, Genesis Inventory transforms inventory management into a function focused on value-maximization for the hospital system and its patients.

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Built to address the compliance and safety considerations associated with living supplies, Genesis Tissue enables complete visibility to manage the movement of tissue throughout the chain of custody.

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Solution Tissue

Solution Asset

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Capable of managing shared, moving assets in the fast-paced clinical setting, Genesis Asset provides complete, real-time visibility and control over care-critical equipment as it moves through the hospital.

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Logo Protect

Through supplier visibility, demand reporting, and real-time insight into stock, Genesis Protect enables you to safeguard your clinical staff by managing personal protective equipment in a data-driven way.

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Solution Protect

Solution Analytics

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By contextualizing insights from Genesis, the EHR, and the ERP, Genesis Analytics empowers key stakeholders throughout the hospital to make more informed, data-driven decisions about supplies.

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Genesis Services

Committed to serving as responsive and dedicated partners to our clients, we will work with you to understand your requirements, empower your users, configure your solution, and rapidly realize value.

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The value of Genesis is not hypothetical, it is proven.

Our solution’s unique ability to deliver value for our clients is the reason it is the established market leader in the UK and continues to rapidly expand among hospital systems and IDNs within the United States. Read our case studies to learn how our solution is reducing cost, growing revenue, enhancing efficiency, and improving patient safety for providers just like you.

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