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The answers to many of your hospital system’s most critical questions—whether those questions are clinical, operational, or financial—already reside somewhere in your data. The problem is that most hospital systems and IDNs have a glut of data and a glaring lack of action-ready insight. The key to bringing about true transformation is standardizing and contextualizing all of that data to enable impactful, data-driven decisions.

Genesis Analytics represents a breakthrough in clinical traceability intelligence. With the ability to shed light on the relationship between utilization, costs, and performance for the very first time, Genesis Analytics equips clinical and business leaders with the relevant insights they need to transform the way they choose, use, and bill for care-critical supplies.

Genesis Analytics Value

The Value
of Genesis Analytics

  • Gain a complete picture of cost,
    utilization, and variance across all of your procedures.
  • Measure and mitigate waste
    by instantly identifying and re-routing items approaching expiration.
  • Engage in data-driven demand planning
    by accessing comprehensive utilization data.
  • Replicate and standardize best practices
    by comparing performance across suppliers, clinicians, and procedures.
  • Correlate supply usage
    to procedure duration, cost, and outcomes to form data-driven standards​.
  • Enhance supplier negotiations
    by coming to the table with accurate historical data on cost, utilization, and market rates.

Here’s How it Works

Unlimited insights, one clinical traceability solution.

Genesis Web Icons Capture Data Point Care

Capture Data at Point of Care

Clinical staff can instantly capture meaningful data on supplies, procedures, clinicians, costs, billable events, and more.

Genesis Web Icons Harmonize Data

Harmonize Data, Generate Insights

This data is standardized, centralized, and harmonized with information from the hospital’s EHR and ERP to provide decision makers unprecedented insights in an action-ready format.

Genesis Web Icons Data Move Needle

Use Data to Move the Needle

Through dynamic dashboards and cross-functional reports, every user is empowered to make meaningful changes—from the CMO to the SVP of supply chain, and the hospital CFO.

Here’s what our clients have to say.

Knowledge is power. Not only does this provide us with a level of data and insight that could be used to better challenge clinical practice and variation, helping us to reduce inefficiencies and improve patient experience and outcomes, but it ultimately helps to safeguard our patients from avoidable harm. In the event of a product recall, we can now easily and quickly track an affected product to the right patient.

– Tim Wells | Consultant Cardiologist, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Insights on Clinical Traceability.


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