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Digital technologies can powerfully enable today’s hospital systems and IDNs. But achieving the intended value from a solution requires more than great technology. It requires a solution that can be rapidly deployed, readily utilized, seamlessly integrated, and trusted to protect sensitive information. It requires a partner, committed to delivering on its promises.

By establishing complete clinical traceability from the supplier to the patient bedside, Genesis rapidly solves one of the hospital system’s most pervasive and value-driven challenges. Agile, instinctive, interoperable, and highly secure, Genesis accelerates the path to value through a different kind of technology experience, one marked by requirements addressed, timelines met, and value delivered.

Did you know?

Some hospital systems report revenue losses of 5 percent after an EHR implementation.1

The IT benefits Genesis provides.

Achieve complete interoperability.

What if you could get more value out of your existing technology investments?

When everything works together, great things happen. Genesis establishes complete interoperability with each hospital system’s existing technology landscape, including EHRs, ERPs, catalog systems, purchase-to-pay systems, OR and theatre scheduling systems, and more.

Our Integration Approach


Instinctive User Interface

Empower users with an interface that is truly instinctive.

What if you could empower users with a solution they love to use?

It’s not enough for a hospital technology to be intuitive to use. Instead, it must be truly instinctive, capable of acting as a natural extension of each and every user. Built upon the principles of instinctive design, Genesis replaces clicks and guesswork with a dynamic interface that works exactly the way clinical and non-clinical users think it should.

Realize value rapidly with a solution that fits right in.

What if a solution could work the way you do, and not the other way around?

In order to deliver value, a clinical technology must be capable of accelerating and augmenting core clinical workflows. With a streamlined implementation approach, highly flexible capabilities, and scalable cloud-based architecture, Genesis empowers hospital systems to speed time-to-value.

Time Value
Sensitive Info

Secure your sensitive information.

What if you could improve patient safety and data security at the same time?

Your commitment to patient safety includes more than the clinical services you deliver; it also includes the patient data you steward. With a highly secure data center and network architecture, Genesis is built to satisfy the unique security sensitivities of the clinical environment.

Our Commitment to Compliance

Here’s what our CTO has to say.

Many of today’s hospitals are still in the wake of a large-scale EHR implementation. They aren’t looking for another heavy lift. They are looking for an agile, dynamic solution that can fit right in to their daily realities, make life easier, and deliver measurable value. Genesis is that solution.

– Mike O’Flynn | Chief Technology Officer, Genesis Automation

Insights on Clinical Traceability.


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