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The point of care is the most important place in the entire hospital system. It is where patients meet clinicians, where healthcare is delivered, and where lifesaving decisions are made. In addition to its integral role in improving patient health, the point of care is also where the lion’s share of procedural costs originate, where care-critical supplies are used, and where the hospital system has its best chance of capturing charges.

With one instinctive interface that empowers clinical staff to instantly capture key information, access critical insights, and save valuable time, Genesis is the first solution to bring the hospital’s clinical, financial, and operational realities into complete alignment. As a result, Genesis empowers hospitals to deliver better, safer care to their patients with greater efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Did you know?

57 percent of hospital staff recall a time when a clinician didn’t have the item they needed to deliver care. 24 percent recall a time when an expired or recalled item was used on a patient.1

The clinical benefits Genesis provides.

Measure procedure cost and eliminate variation.

What is your average cost per procedure, and what is driving high- and low-cost outliers?

With Genesis, hospital systems can instantly record critical insights for each and every procedure they perform—including supply usage, duration, clinician, patient, and success rate. Armed with a complete picture of every procedure for every service line, they can run meaningful analyses to systematically assess and benchmark cost, and achieve a deep understanding of its many drivers.

Measure Procedure Cost
Optimize Or Usage

Optimize operating room usage.

How well are you making use of your operating rooms, and how can you better utilize them?

The operating room is among the most complex and financially critical care settings in the hospital, and it must be managed as such. Using Genesis, hospitals can systematically assess OR key performance indicators such as procedure duration, turnover time, downtime, and more. Using these metrics, they can rapidly spot and act on opportunities for improved utilization across all of their sites.

Make sure never really means never.

Do you know which items are expired or recalled at the point of care?

It’s hard to imagine that an expired or recalled implant could make its way into a patient, but it happens more often than one might think. Genesis eliminates the risk of a never event and improves patient safety by systematically tracking expiries, recalls, and proximity information, then actively informing clinical staff at the point of care through real-time alerts.

Make Sure Never Means Never

Empower Clinicians

Empower clinicians to spend more time on care.

Are your clinicians spending significant time on supply chain activities?

For today’s time-constrained clinicians, every minute in their shift is valuable time that could be spent with patients. Unfortunately, a substantial portion of clinical time still goes to supply chain related activities—including time-consuming manual inventory counts and item searches. With a single scan, Genesis empowers clinicians to automatically load preference cards and IDs from the hospital catalog, access the care-critical supplies they need, capture every charge with no exceptions, and track inventory in real time.

Here’s what our clients have to say.

Genesis is the ultimate win for clinical staff. Not only does it save us significant time, it is also instrumental to protecting our patients and helping us make more informed, data-driven decisions. The solution enables efficiency and insight that we never thought possible. 

– Heidi Cox | Specialty Manager for Cardiology, Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust

Insights on Clinical Traceability.


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