Royal United Hospitals Bath (RUH) appoints Genesis Automation to improve patient care and drive efficiency

February 26, 2019

Genesis’ proven track-and-trace technology will give the RUH full visibility of medical supplies, boosting operational efficiency and patient safety. Two of the three acute hospitals in Bath and North East Somerset and Wiltshire STP choose Genesis to deliver operational, clinician and patient benefits.

27 Feb 2019

Royal United Hospitals Bath (RUH) NHS Foundation Trust, which provides acute treatment and care for 500,000 people in Bath and the surrounding area, has appointed Genesis Automation to deliver a technology system to help it manage its essential medical supplies.

Following a competitive tender, Genesis was selected to provide a safe, efficient and responsive Inventory Management and Point of Care Solution that can help the RUH track demand for and consumption of its stock, and provide data that can reduce cost variations in medical procedures.

Genesis Automation’s advanced and proven innovative software – which uses barcode scanning to track, count and cost everything used in the hospital – will release clinicians from paper-based administrative duties, freeing up more time for patient care. Real-time visibility of every item bought and used will also drive savings, preventing over- and under-stocking, supplies expiring and allowing implants to be traced to individual patients.

The Genesis system will initially be implemented in the RUH’s high-value surgical areas: cardiology, trauma, orthopaedics and general theatres. The technology will ensure critical and correct stock is available to avoid cancelling operations, or using out-of-date stock.

The system will roll out over the next five years. Occupying a 52-acre site, the Trust provides 732 beds and a comprehensive range of acute services. As part of its Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP), the Trust stipulated that the winning technology provider should also be able to introduce the IMS to other trusts within Bath and North East Somerset and Wiltshire STP.

Paul Jackson, General Manager, UK & Ireland, Genesis Automation, says: “RUH identified a need to release nursing time back into patient care whilst increasing patient safety, improve inventory management, and delivering savings. Genesis was chosen for its competitiveness in providing an advanced system, already delivering these benefits for other customers across the UK.”

Before selecting Genesis Automation, RUH conducted a management analysis, which identified areas and departments targeted for improvement. These included clinical administration duties, theatre productivity, warehousing and materials management.  A key requirement to driving change and offering real-time information was the removal of a paper-based system, eliminating duplication of tasks and releasing more clinical time for patient care.

Jackson concludes: “We were chosen as the most competitive provider to meet the RUH’s requirement for a clinician and patient-centric solution. We’re delighted to have the RUH as a customer and look forward to delivering outstanding financial and clinical results as we work together.”

About Genesis Automation

Formed in 2010, Genesis Automation is a leading provider of clinically-focused traceability and analytics solutions which improve patient safety, cut costs and eliminate waste. In the UK, 27 NHS sites are currently using its technology.

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