Genesis Academy: Genesis launches Clinical Training and Education program: Sharing expertise, clinician to Clinical end users & front-line staff

May 22, 2019

22 May 2019, Genesis Automation today officially launches the first module of the Genesis Academy, designed to support clinical end users in utilising genesis technology to further drive patient safety, and release time to care.

Sharing expertise, Clinician to Clinician

The key appointment to Genesis Automation of Heather Graham: Clinical Training and Education Manager has facilitated this huge gain in the Genesis offering, now able to offer clinical end user training of the Genesis system. Heather fulfils a national key role within Genesis and is responsible for the strategic development and implementation of the education programme in the UK. Heather brings a great wealth of clinical experience to Genesis having worked as a Senior Staff Nurse in the adult and neonatal critical care areas and then as a Clinical Nurse Advisor before moving into a Clinical Trainer role with a great depth of experience.

Genesis technology is able to provide a Point of Care solution which helps hospitals track demand for stock and provide data to reduce cost variations in medical procedures. Advanced and proven innovative software – which uses barcode scanning to track, count and cost everything used in the hospital – releases clinical staff from paper-based administrative duties, freeing up more time for patient care.

‘Heather Graham, Clinical Training and Education Manager’ says: “This is a significant move forwards for Genesis in our ability and commitment to add value for the clinical end users we collaborate with in our work. We are committed to working with the team to help increase patient safety and, crucially, help clinicians realise the clinical benefits of Genesis Technology. We look to be able to offer this support and deliver the benefits to our customers across the UK.”

We know that hospitals have a mobile clinical workforce. Our handheld system holds the entire hospital catalogue in the palm of the hand for users to scan products, locations, staff and patients quickly and efficiently.  Stock check, Lot/Batch/Serial number recording, patient ID, stock ordering, movement and receipting – even of non-GS1 barcoded items – tracking and tracing implants along with a host of other functionality is available in real-time, on-the-move.

Awareness and use of the Genesis system by the clinical end user is not so much about direct savings, but more about the way in which effective use can reduce the potential for mistakes and treatment delays. The Scan4Safety trial was not just about saving money but the desire to avoid a repeat of the 2010 PIP breast implant scandal, which affected 47,000 British women. In that case, an inability to trace patients who received the faulty implants had severe consequences. But barcode scanning – of both the supplies and the patient – means everything can be tracked and traced.

More attention to supply chain management can make a critical difference. Even away from this extremely serious end of the spectrum, there are still plenty of scenarios where improved supply chains can impact positively on patient welfare. For example, in the context of high-value surgical areas, inventory management technology ensures the critical and correct stock is available to avoid cancelling operations or using out-of-date stock. Great training and awareness is key.

For more information:

Please contact Heather Graham for information on Point of Care training for Clinical end users and frontline staff

About Genesis Automation:

Formed in 2010, Genesis Automation is a leading provider of clinically-focused traceability and analytics solutions which improve patient safety, cut costs and eliminate waste. In the UK, 27 NHS sites are currently using its technology.