Genesis Introduces ‘Genesis Protect’ to Safeguard Valued Clinical Staff through COVID-19 and Beyond

August 26, 2020

St. Petersburg, FL (August 26, 2020)

Genesis Automation, the global leader in clinical traceability, has announced the deployment of “Genesis Protect,” a personal protective equipment (PPE) reporting solution that provides critical information on the stock level, location, consumption, availability, and coverage of PPE supplies. Genesis Protect brought vitally important intelligence and insight to partnering hospitals like University Hospitals Plymouth, NHS Trust in the midst of unprecedented strain, and is now available to all customers.

As the COVID-19 pandemic challenged the clinical supply chain in an unprecedented way, it illuminated the definitive need for clinical traceability, including the ability to engage in data-driven demand planning, underpinned by utilization metrics to achieve comprehensive visibility and control. In addition, it spotlighted PPE as an essential clinical supply category that urgently demanded a more intentional and proactive solution.

In many hospital systems, the COVID-19 pandemic brought a critical shortage in PPE, a multiplication of PPE SKUs, and new concerns over availability and turnaround time at the supplier level. In response to this urgent need, Genesis collaborated with its clients to develop Genesis Protect, a new Genesis module that empowers IDNs and hospitals to better manage critical PPE through careful demand tracking, usage monitoring, and visibility from the supplier to the patient bedside. While Genesis Protect is instrumental to a hospital’s ability to protect its clinical staff during the current COVID-19 pandemic, it will continue to deliver significant value to hospital systems and IDNs long into the future. In fact, the need to monitor and optimize PPE will remain a key aspect of the clinical supply chain, even after the pandemic dissipates.

Since inception, Genesis has been built upon a principle of close collaboration with leading healthcare providers and suppliers. The development of Genesis Protect is a natural extension of Genesis’ commitment to ensuring capabilities are tightly aligned with client requirements. “At Genesis, we worked directly with our hospital partners to rapidly develop and deploy capabilities and reports that would support them in the midst of COVID-19,” said Noel O’Hanlon, Founder and Group CEO of Genesis. “As the pandemic taught us, response time is vital. The strengths of our client partnerships allowed us to collaborate and produce compelling new capabilities rapidly, in a matter of weeks. Clinical traceability enables a data-driven approach to virtually any inventoried item inside the hospital, and PPE is no exception.”

“Immediately, with the help of Genesis, we were able to enact some key strategies to support our clinical supply chain,” said Pete Sewell, Head of Supply Chain and E-Procurement at University Hospitals Plymouth, NHS Trust. “We were able to track spiking or high-volume orders for items in demand [and] we were able to conduct health checks to ensure supplies were available, where and when we needed them. We identified specific items that were required to not only treat COVID-19 affected patients, but protect COVID-19 focused clinicians, [with] full visibility into item locations all the way to the supplier.”

“It is in times like these that we are grateful to have traceability of patient interactions, which are transparent and available instantly. By working with Genesis, we were able to offer clinicians the traceability of our patients and staff,” said Rachael Ellis, Scan4Safety Programme Director at Hull University Teaching Hospitals, NHS Trust. “Genesis enabled us to instantly identify PPE locations across sites and service lines, and secure stock from the appropriate suppliers. The solution’s data-driven approach to managing PPE is a perfect complement to its ability to enable rapid, accurate, and scalable contact tracing, which also extends to clinicians should they become affected.”

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