Genesis Automation Expands Global Footprint with Canadian Presence

February 12, 2019

St. Petersburg, FL (February 12, 2019)

To keep up with growing international demand, healthcare’s foremost Enterprise Supply Chain Automation solution provider, Genesis Automation has added a Canadian subsidiary to its business holdings. Genesis Automation Canada joins subsidiaries in the U.S. and U.K., with the Group’s global headquarters located in Ireland. As part of this growth, Genesis Automation also established its first Canadian office, located in Toronto, Ontario.

Genesis provides a clinically-integrated, enterprise supply chain management solution. According to Noel O’Hanlon, Genesis Founder and CEO, “Many in the healthcare industry are focused on point solutions—they have a system or process to track supplies coming in to the hospital. Then, they have a separate system for supplies used in the OR, and yet another for the Cath Lab. Most often, it’s not even software—it’s flags and tags—offering no real visibility, and certainly no automation or traceability. Genesis Automation is different. We unite the entire health system’s supply chain, from Procurement to Patient.”

It’s that key phrase “entire health system” that leads Genesis Automation to Canada. The company’s experience originates within the U.K’s National Health Service (NHS), where over 10 years ago Genesis worked with the NHS and its largest orthopaedic suppliers (i.e. Stryker and DePuy Synthes) to design and develop a system for consignment management—which reduced waste and cut costs for all parties. In more recent years, Genesis has been part of the NHS’ Scan4Safety initiative, which unifies the entire country’s healthcare supply chain under common GS1 global barcode standards with shared visibility and transparency. The same premise sees Genesis having much success in the U.S., as evidenced by its recent agreement with Novant Health for enterprise supply chain management across the organization’s 15 acute care hospitals and central warehouse.

Many Local Health Integrated Networks (LIHNs) and individual Canadian hospitals have reached out to Genesis for demonstrations and more information. The reason, O’Hanlon says, is because “Instead of focusing on a single department, Genesis is structured to support entire health systems from end-to-end, so whether it’s referred to as the NHS, LHIN, IDN (Integrated Delivery Network), or VISN (Veteran’s Integrated Delivery Network), we have a solution to help direct supplies from ordering and receipt through consumption and use on a patient.”

The decision to locate initial operations in Ontario is based in large part on the Ontario Centres of Excellence REACH program: Resources for Evaluating, Adopting and Capitalizing on Innovative Healthcare Technology. Aspects of the REACH initiatives are very similar in scope to the NHS’ Scan4Safety program, with which Genesis is very familiar. To reach Genesis Automation at its new location in Toronto, please call (647) 256-5200 or email

About Genesis Automation in Healthcare

Genesis Automation provides clinically-integrated supply chain management solutions to capture, track and benchmark resource utilization. We link purchases to patient outcomes to enhance patient safety and reduce the costs of care. Genesis has experienced rapid growth since 2014, and today covers nearly 11,000 beds throughout North America and Europe. Discover more at and connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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