Genesis Enables Data-Driven Vaccine Management through Clinical Traceability Solution

May 5, 2021

St. Petersburg, FL (May 5, 2021) — Genesis, a global leader in clinical traceability, announced that its solution is capable of enabling full-lifecycle vaccine management. The announcement comes after Genesis worked with several clients to prepare for and effectively manage the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

The COVID-19 pandemic challenged clinical supply chains in unprecedented ways, illuminating the widespread need for better clinical traceability. Now, as several vaccines are distributed on a widespread scale, clinical traceability remains integral to the safe, effective, and efficient management of vaccines from the supplier to the hospital system and throughout the patient journey. 

As a clinical traceability solution enabling full visibility and control over care-critical supplies at every stage of the clinical supply lifecycle, Genesis is uniquely capable of solving several challenges associated with vaccine distribution, such as the management of stringent storage conditions, the coordination of multiple doses, and careful tracking of vaccine recipients throughout the patient journey. 

More than an inventory management solution, Genesis provides health care teams the ability to anticipate the arrival of vaccines with supplier-level visibility, monitor conditions throughout the chain of custody with integrated temperature tracking, manage distribution among patients across multiple sites, and systematically manage expiries. In addition, it enables hospitals to effectively track who receives which vaccine and manage dosage timelines to ensure optimal efficacy. After vaccines are administered, Genesis carefully tracks patients to vaccine lots at scale for rapid communication related to future vaccinations or in the event of a new side effect or recall. 

The application of Genesis clinical traceability to full-lifecycle vaccine management is a natural extension of Genesis’ commitment to respond to client and community needs. “Genesis has been a critical part of managing the burden of the COVID-19 pandemic when it comes to the management of care-critical supplies, personal protective equipment, and vaccine management” said Noel O’Hanlon, Executive Chairman of Genesis. “Now that vaccines are reaching widespread distribution, our job is far from over. Our tissue tracking, inventory management, and point of care modules are all integral to enabling data-driven management across the vaccine lifecycle and throughout the patient journey.”

About Genesis  

Genesis is a clinical traceability solution that brings new automation and intelligence to the management of care-critical supplies at every point in The Clinical Supply Lifecycle™. Capable of managing the lowest cost consumable to the highest cost implant, Genesis enables true enterprise-grade traceability in the clinical environment. Set apart by its unique ability to affect every part of the revenue cycle while radically improving the lives of clinicians and their patients, Genesis empowers the hospital system to transform its clinical supply chain into a pillar of value maximization.