Newmedica Selects Genesis for Enhanced Patient Safety and Clinical Traceability

April 20, 2022

Bromsgrove, UK (April 20, 2022) – Genesis Automation, global leader in clinical traceability, will be bringing its solutions to Newmedica, one of the largest ophthalmology service providers in England. Newmedica will begin rolling out Genesis Point of Care and Genesis Inventory to enhance patient safety and supply visibility.

A member of Specsavers Group since 2016, Newmedica provides NHS funded-ophthalmology services to treat a diverse range of advanced eye conditions for more than 150,000 patients each year at 26 eye health clinics and surgical centres across England. Newmedica will benefit from Genesis’ ability to enable essential clinical traceability across sites and prevent never events by managing expiries.

The organisation’s decision to use Genesis stemmed from its need for a solution that would help to simultaneously enhance patient safety, deliver comprehensive insights, improve efficiency, and increase connectivity across sites. As a solution built in partnership with the NHS that currently serves some of its largest Trusts, Genesis possesses a unique understanding of Newmedica’s specific requirements and objectives, as well as its commitment to delivering quality patient care.

Speaking about the new venture, Mark Hendricks, CEO of Genesis, said, “Genesis feels like a natural fit for Newmedica because of our mutual connection with the NHS. Clinical traceability to improve patient care is at the heart of our mission at Genesis, and we are looking forward to bringing enhanced visibility, control, and insight to Newmedica’s network.”

Newmedica will begin rolling out Genesis at several of its locations before bringing the solution live across all sites. “Clinical traceability is fundamental to delivering safe, high quality care,” said Nigel Kirkpatrick, Medical Director at Newmedica. “We are excited to implement Genesis Point of Care and Genesis Inventory at Newmedica, which will provide us the foundation of traceability needed to continually put our patients first.”

About Genesis

Genesis is a clinical traceability solution that brings new automation and intelligence to the management of care-critical supplies at every point in The Clinical Supply Lifecycle™. Capable of managing the lowest cost consumable to the highest cost implant, Genesis enables true enterprise-grade traceability in the clinical environment. Set apart by its unique ability to affect every part of the revenue cycle while radically improving the lives of clinicians and their patients, Genesis empowers the hospital system to transform its clinical supply chain into a pillar of value maximisation. To learn more, visit

About Newmedica

Newmedica is one of the leading independent sector providers of NHS-funded ophthalmology services in England. Its mission is to revolutionise the care and treatment for patients facing the prospect of sight loss, by creating a national network of specialist eye clinics that have a seamless link with all optometrists and GPs. Focused on the purpose of making a difference, Newmedica is aiming to build a society where everyone can get access to free or affordable world class treatment for advanced eye conditions. To learn more, visit