NHS National Services Scotland Further Improves Patient Safety with Implementation of Genesis Clinical Traceability Across Hundreds of Hospitals

March 30, 2021

Cork, Ireland (HQ) & Bromsgrove, UK (March 31, 2021)

NHS National Services Scotland (NSS) selected Genesis Automation as its partner of choice for a eight-year strategic initiative to deploy complete clinical traceability in hospitals across the country. This partnership will improve supply chain visibility and control to enhance patient safety, reduce costs, and realise greater clinical efficiency. The agreement represents a strategic investment that will enable NHS Scotland sites to alleviate specific pain points in the height of the pandemic while paving the way for long-term improvements.

NSS’s pursuit of complete clinical traceability was initially prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in global shortages of PPE and ICU critical consumables. Genesis Protect, a data-driven module designed specifically for PPE management, will provide Scottish hospitals with accurate and up-to-date insights on PPE and consumable stock levels, availability, expiries, consumption patterns, and projected demand. Genesis formalised the launch of this solution last year in direct response to its clients’ urgent need to better manage certain supplies at the height of the pandemic. In addition to significantly improving visibility and mitigating shortages, the Genesis solution also dramatically simplifies recall management in the event of a quality issue.

“The pandemic has introduced challenges around forecasting demand, keeping track of supply recalls and expiries, and ensuring that we have the necessary PPE and ICU critical consumables where and when they are needed,” said Gordon James, Director of Procurement, Commissioning and Facilities for NHS National Services Scotland. “In addition to helping NHS Scotland to alleviate the immediate pain points associated with the pandemic, Genesis will enable us to embrace a more dynamic and data-driven approach to managing our vital supplies long into the future. With Genesis, we will be able to maintain an accurate, cross-site view of supplies at all times.”

The roll-out of Genesis Protect is the first step in a site-wide clinical traceability initiative that will transform efficiency, visibility, and patient safety across hundreds of Scottish hospitals. After the successful implementation of Genesis Protect in Phase 1 of the project, NSS will turn its efforts to Phases 2 through 4 of the project, which will focus on enterprise inventory management using Genesis Inventory, as well as point of care scanning in theatres and clinical wards using Genesis Point of Care. As specified in the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC)’s Scan4Safety initiative, Genesis supports accurate procedure costing, notifications of recalls and expiries, and the delivery of other essential insights at the point of care. In turn, healthcare systems gain the ability to better understand and analyse expenses, reduce costs, and improve care quality at scale.

Genesis will replace a legacy inventory management system that has been used by NHS Scotland for 15 years. As a fully-integrated solution that is cloud-based and GS1 compliant, Genesis will deliver the contextualised, real-time data Scottish hospitals require to maintain an accurate view of consumption at all times and make data-driven decisions about the procurement, allocation, and utilisation of supplies. Genesis will integrate seamlessly with existing systems for theatre management, patient management, pharmacy, and catering to streamline data capture and automate key workflows. In addition to significantly improving patient safety and unlocking substantial cost reductions, Genesis will also offer transformative time savings for busy clinical staff.

“Genesis will reduce the time clinical staff spend manually counting stock, improving visibility and allowing for proactive rather than reactive supply management. The ability to link products with patients at point of use and highlight expiry dates, left and right mismatch, and recall stock will add another layer of security in preventing serious clinical errors,” said Jane McDonald, General Manager, Anaesthetics, Critical Care & Theatres at NHS Lothian. “I am confident that the system will allow our teams to focus on their areas of expertise, and I am hugely optimistic about the opportunities it will offer to improve patient safety.”

Though Genesis has worked in close partnership with the NHS in England since its founding in 2010, this agreement marks Genesis’ first time working with the Scottish government.

Speaking about the agreement, Noel O’Hanlon, Founder and Group CEO of Genesis Automation, said, “We have found great success working with the NHS in England, and we are thrilled to be bringing our complete clinical traceability solution to Scottish hospitals. Our partnership marks a major strategic milestone for NSS, who has made a strategic investment in the safety of patients, the cost effectiveness of services, and the satisfaction of clinical staff across all sites. Our solution will empower Scottish hospitals with the contextual insights they need to continue to put patient safety first.”

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Please contact Noel O’Hanlon or Mike O’Flynn for information, training, or demo on Point of Care and PPE Management.

Noel O’Hanlon
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mike O’Flynn
Chief Technology Officer

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