Geoffrey Hamilton-Fairley

September 27, 2021

Geoffrey Hamilton Fairley

Geoffrey Hamilton-Fairley is an experienced Chairman, NED and investment advisor with a track record of leading companies at different stages of development from start-ups through to sale and IPO. 

His entrepreneurial career started in 1982, founding a number of companies in Public Relations, Technology, Advertising and Music & Personality management backed by The Abingdon Management Company Limited, where he subsequently became sole owner having acquired Abingdon from its institutional shareholders. Abingdon had a number of quoted and unquoted investments including a Unit Trust, Foretronic (a technology company that introduced the magnetic data strip on the back of credit cards),  TVS (ITV franchise for the South of England), and a significant property portfolio in the UK and abroad. 

Returning to his medical roots, Geoffrey developed and guided Oncimmune, a company pioneering technologies to enable early cancer detection, from a Nottingham University start-up through to a successful IPO in May 2016, with total funds raised of £62m. During this period he co-authored numerous scientific and health economic publications. 

He now acts as an advisor to leading technology and healthcare funds, advising investment teams, specific due diligence projects, monitoring investments as a director and mentoring CEOs.