Capture Data Accurately, Quickly, and with Minimum Effort.
All in the Palm of your Hand.

Real-Time, Advanced Data Capture

The Genesis Mobile Application is designed to allow end-users to capture data quickly, easily, and with minimum effort. Users have the ability to work online and offline while transacting information from the receiving dock to the operating room. Our application runs on a modern enterprise mobile computers, with an integrated 1D/2D scanner, which ideal for hospitals requiring anywhere, anytime connectivity, and fast data capture for maximum up-time and productivity.

Person scanning a delivery with device

1D / 2D Barcode Scanning

Scan all types of barcodes and all types of barcode symbologies for all of your products.

Advanced Performance

Genesis delivers the most reliable technology to support your core healthcare processes that depend on scanning and require speed, accuracy, and ease-of-use.

Scan multiple product barcodes in one single sweep

The Genesis SweepScan technology allows you to scan multiple barcodes across multiple products in one single sweep, capturing UDI / GTIN, Serial Number, Lot Number, and Expiry Date information for products.


Speed and Accuracy

Our data capture engine leverages the computing power of mobile devices to provide the highest scanning speed and accuracy.

1D / 2D Barcode Scanning

Scan all types of barcodes and all types of barcode symbologies in a single sweep.

Work Offline

Our Genesis Mobile Apps allow users to work offline, making them faster and more reliable. Where users experience poor network connections, our apps will operate in offline mode and users can still capture the data that they require for their function, whether that's in the O.R., stock location, or warehouse.

Fast and Reliable

Our offline data sets can be searched and transacted on instantly, without any disruption in performance.

Constant Availability

Use our mobile apps all the time, anytime.


Our Mobile Apps are developed to run on multiple platforms, such as iOS and Android, and to run on different types of devices such as enterprise mobile computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Rapid Roll-out

Rolling out Genesis across your organization couldn't be easier. All you need is your device and our mobile app.

Automatic Updates

End-users are able to automatically update our mobile apps on their device when a software update is available.

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